Suleiman I

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Su·lei·man I

or Sü·ley·man I  (so͞o′lā-män′, -lə-) Known as "Suleiman the Magnificent" and "the Lawmaker." 1494?-1566.
Sultan of Turkey (1520-1566) who established a code of laws, was a patron of the arts, and led the Ottoman Empire to the height of its military and political power.

Suleiman I

(ˌsuːlɪˈmɑːn; -leɪ-) ,




(Biography) called the Magnificent. ?1495–1566, sultan of the Ottoman Empire (1520–66), whose reign was noted for its military power and cultural achievements

Su•lei•man I

(ˈsu ləˌmɑn, -leɪ-, ˌsu leɪˈmɑn)
( “the Magnificent” ) 1495?–1566, sultan of the Ottoman Empire 1520–66.
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The question seems to be whether Suleiman is in it for the Mukhabarat, the military government itself, or just because he's an earnest citizen who, gee-whiz, thinks he has something to contribute.
Suleiman is the same man who is now claiming that he will achieve the demands of the revolution, a revolution that he never acknowledged for a single day but was in fact diligently working behind the scenes to abort.
Meanwhile, Mahmoud Ghozlan, the spokesman for the powerful political wing Muslim Brotherhood, said if the elections are free and fair, Suleiman is bound to lose.
Summary: Former Egyptian vice president Omar Suleiman is likely to declare his candidacy for president before the nominations officially open on March 10, the media coordinator of a campaign supporting him told Al Arabiya on Tuesday.
"Suleiman is just like the rest of the old regime," declared Egyptian blogger Zainab Mohamed.
Suleiman is consulting with the 19 Christian and Muslim leaders and politicians who make up the National Dialogue Committee, whose meetings have also been suspended since November 4 because of the factions' split over how to handle the issue of "false witnesses." The committee has been meeting under Suleiman since last year to discuss a national defense strategy designed to protect Lebanon against a possible Israeli attack.
An organisation formed to protest Suleiman's conviction had expected that the Alexandria native would be released on Friday, but Suleiman is apparently still being held in Alexandria's Borg al-Arab prison.
Homs, Central Syria(SANA) -- Ali Mahmoud Suleiman is the first Syrian citizen who has donated blood 170 times.
Suleiman is best known for the 2002 film "Divine Intervention", a modern tragic comedy on living under occupation in the Palestinian territories which won the Jury Prize at the 2002 Cannes Film Festival.
According to Israeli newspaper Yediot Ahronot, Suleiman is scheduled to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Defense Minister and Director of Mossad.
Suleiman is the third military commander to become president since Lebanon's independence from France in 1943.
Suleiman is expected to lead a dialogue over the issue with rival leaders.The Cabinet will remain in power through next summer, when parliamentary elections are expected to again enshrine in power the same leaders, some of them veterans of the civil war with almost-feudal influence over their followers.Suleiman, 59, was appointed army commander in 1998, when Syria still exercised tutelage over Lebanon.