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 (sŭl′ə), Lucius Cornelius 138-78 bc.
Roman general and dictator (82-79) who marched on Rome and seized power from his political rival Marius (88).


(Biography) full name Lucius Cornelius Sulla Felix. 138–78 bc, Roman general and dictator (82–79). He introduced reforms to strengthen the power of the Senate


(ˈsʌl ə)

(Lucius Cornelius Sulla Felix) 138–78 B.C., Roman general and statesman: dictator 82–79.
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Noun1.sulla - perennial of southern Europe cultivated for forage and for its nectar-rich pink flowers that make it an important honey crop
genus Hedysarum, Hedysarum - genus of herbs of north temperate regions
subshrub, suffrutex - low-growing woody shrub or perennial with woody base
2.Sulla - Roman general and dictator (138-78 BC)
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So there may have been a perception here, even if it emanates from a hostile source such as Sulla's autobiography, that Sulpicius' legislation was potentially just as damaging as that of Saturninus and Glaucia.
The city has not recovered from the struggle between two generals, Marius and Sulla, that ended in Sulla's reign of terror in 82 B.C.
In the first part of the Osservazioni sulla morale cattolica (1819), written as a reply to Sismondi's criticism of the Catholic Church, Manzoni defends the Church's authority.
In another photo, Questa leggerezza e dunque una piccola vittoria sulla forza di gravita?
Massimo Berti, Filippi Fulvio and Giovanni Sulla recently portrayed 10th Mountain Division Soldiers in a documentary film about the American ski troops in World War II.
For one thing, it provided for the appointment of dictators for six-month periods during times of acute crisis, an institution that furnished a pretext for military coups by the likes of Marius, Sulla, and Caesar.
A goal 90 seconds from the end, superbly taken by Norman Sulla, plunged Roger Ashby's men to new depths although the visitors can thank a disciplined defensive display for their success.
1939 L'interpretaziene patogenetica dell'asbestosi polmonare sulla base del reperto linfoghiandolare [in Italian].
Other new products Lessik is offering include savory items such as ground bottarga (a delicacy made of tuna roe), pestos, olivada spreads, capers, sea salt, and sweet condiments like sulla honeys, cookies, jams, and marmalades made from fresh, in-season Sicilian ingredients.
Quando il sottufficiale della stazione di polizia portuale fece accomodare l'inserviente sulla sedia di fronte alla sua scrivania, era appena ritornato da un pattugliamento in citta, dove scioperi e disordini mettevano a dura prova l'ordine pubblico e richiedevano perfino i rinforzi della polizia portuale.
She wrote great novels such as The Bluest Eye, A Mercy, Beloved and Sulla besides many other works of fiction and non-fiction.