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 (sŭl′ē-pro͞o′dəm, sü-lē′prü-dôm′), René François Armand 1839-1907.
French poet whose early works are melancholic and whose later poems are concerned with scientific and philosophical theories. He won the 1901 Nobel Prize for literature.


(French sylli prydɔm)
(Biography) René François Armand (rəne frɑ̃swa armɑ̃). 1839–1907, French poet: Nobel prize for literature 1901


(süˈli prüˈdɔm)
René François Armand, 1839–1907, French poet: Nobel prize 1901.
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Sully-Prudhomme, hear a penal sentence in the fiat, "You shall be born," particularly if addressed to potential issue of hers.
Sully-Prudhomme [sic] disregards the unstressed e, within the verses .
Cuando por primera vez en 1001 la Academia Sueca consulto a la Academia Francesa los nombres de los candidatos Zola y Tolstoi, y Francia los rechazo por un autor que consideraron maravilloso: Sully-Prudhomme.