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A sulfonamide antibiotic, C10H11N3O3S, that is used especially in combination with trimethoprim to treat bacterial urinary tract infections, other bacterial infections, and infections caused by certain fungi and parasites.
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(ˌsʌl fə mɛθˈɒk səˌzoʊl)

an antimicrobial substance, C10H11N3O3S, used to treat urinary-tract and skin infections.
[1955–60; sulfa (nilamide) + meth (yl) + (is)oxazole]
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Noun1.sulfamethoxazole - a sulfonamide (trade name Gantanol) used to treat infections (especially infections of the urinary tract)
sulfa, sulfa drug, sulfonamide, sulpha - antibacterial consisting of any of several synthetic organic compounds capable of inhibiting the growth of bacteria that require PABA
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n sulfametoxazol m
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