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A sulfa drug, C18H14N4O5S, used to treat ulcerative colitis.

[sulfa(pyridine), one of its constituents + sal(icylic acid) + az(o)- + -ine.]


n sulfasalazina
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Reversible germ cell toxicity of sulphasalazine and ampicillin combination in male rats.
Sulphasalazine was the commonest DMARD used (n= 36, 64%); 14 (28%) patients were on Methotrexate.
e MTX, Hydroxycholorquin (HCQ) and Sulphasalazine (SSZ) (Fig.
The widely used therapeutics in RA are the conventional DMARDs including methotrexate, hydroxy-chloroquine, azathioprine and sulphasalazine.
Tenders invited for Tab, sulphasalazine 500 mg, strip of min 10 tab
In the RA group, 39 patients received corticosteroids, 29 received methotrexate, 19 received antimalarial drugs, and 10 received sulphasalazine.
Sulphasalazine (but interestingly not aminosalicylic acid) [63] can induce mitochondria activated apoptosis.
It is used in combination with other traditional DMARDs like methotrexate and sulphasalazine and has proved to be effective in about 2/3rd patients.
Patient was diagnosed as AS and prescribed sulphasalazine 2 g/day, colchicine 1.
To evaluate the safety and efficacy of sulphasalazine in treatment of severe alopecia areata.
2] Nausea and weekly po or vomiting, mouth subcutaneously ulcers, transient transaminitis Sulphasalazine 20--25 mg/kg Rash, GIT twice daily po upset, myelosuppression, liver function abnormalities Chloroquine 5.
Treatment of MRS is complex and various treatment modes have been described in literature: corticosteroids (systemic, intralesional), anabolics, antibiotics (metronidazole, tetracyclines, macrolides), clofazimine, dapsone, sulphasalazine, azathioprine, hydroxychloroquine, methotrexate, infliximab, as well as surgical intervention (cheiloplasty), but very rarely [4, 15-17].