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Brown was among the most important scripture scholars of the 20th century, a Sulpician priest who taught for many years at the independent Union Theological Seminary in New York.
"I think about it every day We are on the frontlines," said Sulpician Fr.
In "The Church: Theology in History", Sulpician priest and scholar Frederick J.
The third archbishop, Ambrose Marechal, was a Sulpician and a refugee from the French Revolution.
A year later, long-estranged from the Methodists at Rice Lake, he showed up at the Sulpician Catholic mission at the Lake of Two Mountains (Oka), asking to convert to the Catholic faith.
These included sociable activities that were frequently attacked from the pulpits of both Sulpician and Presbyterian clergy: dancing, the faces, theatricals, cards, and the circus:
To study the cultural achievements of the Montreal Sulpicians is to plunge deep into the history of Montreal, given the central role of the Sulpician Order in the development of Montreal and Lower Canada.
To discover the theoretical conception that prompted the explosion of spiritualities, one may usefully consult the four-volume work by the Sulpician author Pierre Pourrat (1871-1957), La spiritualite chretienne, first published in Paris during les Annees folles.
Certainly his Catholicism was confirmed and deepened, especially by his Sulpician teachers, but he decided against the priesthood.
(13) By the early eighteenth-century, the Sulpician superior in Montreal, Francois Vachon de Belmont, could compare the Montreal ascetic Jeanne Le Ber to Rosa de Lima, the first canonized saint of the "New" World, claiming that what God had achieved in New Spain through this servant, he also wished to achieve in Canada through Jeanne.