Mehmed II

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Meh·med II

(mĕ-mĕd′) or Meh·met II (-mĕt′) also Mu·ham·mad II (mo͝o-hăm′ĭd, -hä′mĭd) Known as "the Conqueror." 1429?-1481.
Sultan of Turkey (1451-1481) and founder of the Ottoman Empire. He conquered Constantinople in 1453 and made it his capital.
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For example, were manners, procedures, methods and styles of the Sultan Osman Gazi period in the early years of the Ottoman Empire the same as the later periods of Sultan Yyldyrym Beyazid, Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror, Yavuz Sultan Selim and Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent?
This is probably the earliest known artistic depiction of Constantinople showing the city falling to the Ottoman army under Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror. The painting is of the same period and context as the portrait of Mehmet Fatih (The Conqueror), by the School of Gentile Bellini, in the Museum of Islamic Art, Doha.
Ottoman Emperor Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror once said of Amasra: "Is this what they call 'the apple of world's eye?'" Ulukaya Falls, which is some 53km from Bartn, is a also must-see.