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Mehmet Ozdemir, Muhammed Sulaiman Sultany (1), Ercan Celikkaleli, Burhan Ozalp
Meanwhile, a local elder namely Malik Sultan alias Sultany gathered people with an intention to attack the house of Mir Zaman.
(263.) Nimer Sultany, The State of Progressive Constitutional Theory: The Paradox of Constitutional Democracy and the Project of Political Justification, 47 Harv.
Mike Sultany's passion for vehicles started at an early age and has continued through the years.
You will often see the phrase "Onbir ayyn sultany" -- the sultan of the other 11 months -- written in lights strung between two minarets, as Ramadan is the most holy and special month of the Muslim year.
Yet critical scholarship examining the relationship between Israel and its Palestinian citizens has established that this citizenship lacks both meaning and substance (Jamal 2007; Molavi 2013; Sultany 2003).
And while proponents of the doctrine that Israel is a Jewish state have pointed to the Israeli Supreme Court's activism in regard to this specific issue, as Palestinian lawyer and academic Nimer Sultany notes, "the [Israeli] Supreme Court's jurisprudence has hitherto subordinated the principle of equality to the Jewishness of the state as the Grundnorm (basic law) and has failed to recognize a collective right of the Palestinian citizens to equality." [5]
Rouhana and Nimer Sultany write that the Palestinian citizen of Israel is a different type of Israeli, an 'Other' who does not belong to the hegemonic Jewish majority.
Crucially too, Goldstone has not disavowed the view that Israel violated laws of war in using white phosphorus and heavy artillery in densely populated Palestinian refugee camps reminds Nimer Sultany, a civil rights attorney in Israel in an op-ed in the Boston Globe.
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