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 (so͞om′bə, -bä)
An island of south-central Indonesia in the Lesser Sunda Islands south of Flores. First visited by Europeans in 1522, it passed to the Dutch in 1866.


(Placename) an island in Indonesia, in the Lesser Sunda Islands, separated from Flores by the Sumba Strait: formerly important for sandalwood exports. Pop: 355 073 (1990). Area: 11 153 sq km (4306 sq miles). Former spelling: Soemba Former name: Sandalwood Island


(ˈsum bɑ)

one of the Lesser Sunda Islands, in Indonesia, S of Flores. 4306 sq. mi. (11,153 sq. km).
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Mr Mutua called Gilbert Kapule, Ms Doreen Karuthi Kagiri, a bar maid in the area, and Mr Emmanuel Shikuku Sumba, a bouncer.
TUCKED away on one of Indonesia's most unexplored islands, Nihi Sumba Island hotel is a luxury resort with a conscience.
Noxolo Dlamini as Nala and Calvyn Grandling as Sumba in 'The Lion King' musical
Scheduled on the 10th day of the month are the Green Run and Sumba, Interpretative Dance, Star of the Road, Mamita (Senior Citizen) and Binibining Paranaque pageant.
The GHSS would be constructed with an estimated cost of 50 million rupees, Murtaza told the gathering and announced construction of PCC roads from Sumba Thara to Gohra would cost of 7.
Educating and empowering local communities for sustainable tourism futures, The Sumba Hospitality Foundation, Indonesia
49) The more refined and valuable Indian textiles were often less in demand than the so-called 'ordinary cloth' mainly of cotton textiles from as far afield as India, but mainly from the islands of Java, Sumbawa (including Bima in the eastern part of the island), Sumba, and perhaps even Rote, Sabu, Timor, and other islands in Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT, Eastern Lesser Sunda Islands)--all of which had weaving traditions.
Isaac Sumba Maly, who runs the Palma Okapi Tours travel agency, says he is preparing for a visit by Chinese tourists.
Language, identity and marginality in Indonesia: the changing nature of ritual speech on the island of Sumba.
Like most compelling and untouched places, Sumba is fairly difficult to get to and so is Nihiwatu, a luxury resort on the very fringe of the island with views so pristine they seem like holograms.