summary proceeding

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sum′mary proceed′ing

a mode of trial authorized by statute to be held before a judge without the usual full hearing.
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Eustace's motive for this summary proceeding was much the same motive which animated his conduct toward you.
Tupman at this summary proceeding, great as it was, was immeasurably exceeded by the astonishment of the doctor.
The summary proceeding for unlawful detainer contemplates a situation where the defendant's possession, while initially lawful, had legally expired.
'The validated DERO from the various externalities of the Bureau of Customs, together with the inputs from the various ports and subports, their enforcement units-CIIS, ESS and the OCOM, will periodically and automatically revise-upgrade or downgrade of the firms' and importers' risk categories; or, whenever warranted, blacklist or totally delete the importer's name from the registry of accredited importers, of course, following a summary proceeding that observes due process.'
The Appellate Division further upheld the trial court's refusal to convert the summary proceeding into a plenary action and ruled that the limited discovery allowed by the court was sufficient.
PM chair Renato Magtubo said a 'supervening event from the sharp inflation impact of the TRAIN law is enough reason for the regional wage boards to conduct summary proceeding on wake hike.'
The two individuals sanctioned for non-cooperation were sanctioned pursuant to a summary proceeding and not pursuant to settlement, and thus they did not consent to entry of any FINRA findings.
"[Except] for the summary proceeding and warrant of eviction, plaintiff's lease with defendant would still be in force and effect," the complaint says.
(12) This process has the effect of a summary proceeding, which disposes of the award's confirmation in a prompt and efficient manner.
The court went on to state a summary proceeding "is an expedited process that starts with a trial court considering affidavits, pleadings, discovery, and stipulations submitted by the parties.
If they don't have merit, they are generally dismissed in a summary proceeding long before a jury could ever get a peek at them, and if, by some fluke, an outrageous award were to be given by a jury, a judge or an appellate court can always overturn such an award.