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Specifically, the court noted that Pener was arguing for a summation method of valuation, where the individual components of damage to the subject property were calculated separately and then added together.
via the Tan's (et al.) method [6], [7] or through the Kronecker summation method [10] and their combination with the sixteen plant theorem [3], [18].
In this paper we call this the registration and summation method (RSM) and several articles have presented such an approach [3-8].
We sort the QoS aggregated methods into three types: (1) the summation method (e.g., cost), in which the fees must be accumulated by the user to pay for invoking the services; (2) the continued multiplication method (e.g., availability), in which global availability can be computed as the product of the ratios of all atomic service availability; (3) the average method (e.g., reputation), in which global reputation is the average value of the related service reputation.
In HIPM, the predictions are obtained via two methods, that is, summation method and multiplication method; these methods are defined below.
The summation method just defined is not symmetric.
Algor's DDAM analysis processor uses the NRL summation method to combine the peak responses for all mode shapes and then calculates overall displacements/stresses.
The alternative to the unitary method (and the most common method for property tax assessment) is the summation method. In the summation method, the statutorily required values (e.g., fair market value, market value, true cash value, etc.) for each of the taxpayer's assessable assets are separately identified and quantified.
However in this case any reasonable summation method would produce a transformed sequence that would diverge to +[infinity], and leave the identification of the value at time t = 1 with the limit as the only outstanding problem.
The summation method, with depreciated reproduction cost, market analysis and capitalization method are the approaches used.
This paper deals with comparison of Tan's method and Kronecker summation method for computation of stabilizing PI controllers.