Summer rape

(Bot.) See Colza.

See also: Rape

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spring rape, summer rape, fall rape, winter rape, Army rape, Navy rape,
Effect of row spacing and seed rates on summer rape in southern Manitoba.
Castor high erucic acid, low glucosinolate summer rape.
Mercury high erucic acid low glucosinolate summer rape.
Stellar low linolenic-high linoleic acid summer rape.
This despite the uncertainty of Kobe's summer rape trial in Eagle, Colo.
Effect of altering plant density on growth characteristics of summer rape.
Olsson (1960) reported that yield in summer rape was determined by number of pods, seeds per pod, and weight per seed.
The stage most sensitive to heat stress in summer rape occurred from late bud development until early seed development.
Air temperatures greater than 27[degrees]C are often reached in the field at flowering time in the major summer rape growing regions.
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