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n.1.A kind of blowgun for discharging arrows, - used by the savages of Borneo and adjacent islands.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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I never looked back, but I knew that my brother's eyes, behind me, were looking steadily ahead, for the boat went as straight as a bushman's dart, when it leaves the end of the sumpitan. There was no better paddler, no better steersman than my brother.
According to a report, there are 70 Bantay Bukid volunteers in the hinterlands of the Third District, particularly in the barangays of Tawantawan (specificially Sitio Ubay-Nanap, Gading, Panigan, and Sumpitan), Gumalang, Wines, Carmen, and Tambubong in Baguio District; and in Tamugan, Marilog District.
He said the Lan Ijok gang, believed to be involved in 16 house break-ins, was busted after a man known as Nathan, in his thirties, and his leader known as Lan Ijok, 40, were nabbed in a house in Asam Kumbang and at a durian orchard in Jalan Sumpitan, Redang Panjang, Ijok respectively.
father, man (bapak) udjuk mother, woman (ibu) kole infant male (laki-laki bayi) soto infant female (perempuan bayi) lenum girl (gadis) soke blowpipe (sumpitan) plad dart poison (ipoh) upas poison dart (sumpitan anak panah) soto upas ('poison infant') Punan hut (rumah Punan) plaminan canoe (perahu) alur wild boar (babi hutan) beboy eat (makan) kuman Pusuh could still count in the Kutai Punan language:
They live on fish and on mammals or birds that they kill with the sumpitan (blow-pipe).