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 (so͝om′kī-ēt′) or Sum·ga·it (-gī-ēt′)
A city of eastern Azerbaijan on the Caspian Sea northeast of Baku. It is an industrial center.
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Besides, the project is important from a social point of view, having a positive impact on the level of employment in Sumqayit. From 2200 to 3600 people were employed in the construction of the plant and it is planned to provide about 500 people with permanent jobs at this plant," he said.
Atrchian added that the Azeri side announced that except for dangerous goods, $160 will be received to pass the border, $80 to use the territory for 14 days, $40 for insurance and $25 to enter big cities like Baku, Ganja and Sumqayit.
Azeri scientists consider the Absheron Peninsula, including Baku and Sumqayit, and the Caspian Sea, to be one of the most ecologically devastated areas in the world because of severe air, water, and soil pollution.
-The first stage starts in Baku and finishes in 154 km in Sumqayit. This is a good chance for sprinters where they can decide the fate of the race on the last five laps.
Sumqayit, Baku and Kirovabad and an aggression against Nagorno-Karabakh.
Peace Corps, secondary English teacher, Sumqayit, Azerbaijan
Among those to benefit are 160 disabled children in an orphanage between Baku and the coastal town of Sumqayit.
A three metre rise would inundate large parts of the Apsheron Peninsula, on which the towns of Baku and Sumqayit are located, as well as large parts of the coast of Iran's Gilan province, which is a major rice growing area.
Each region is represented by a team of 18 participants.The finalists will be determined in 11 regional tours in the regions - Sumqayit, Guba, Terter, Ismayilli, Shamkir, Sheki, Mingachevir, Sabirabad, Lankaran and Nakhchivan.The final will be held in Baku.
Although the state-owned electric company AzerEnerjy has a monopoly on power generation, the country's national power service is divided into five regional grids: Baku, Nakhchivan, the North (Sumqayit), the South (Ali Bayramli), and the West (Ganja).
the first place and assumes that their actual motive was not to take part in the conference or to remember those killed in the Sumqayit