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a. The light or the direct rays from the sun.
b. The warmth given by the sun's rays.
c. A location or surface on which the sun's rays fall.
a. Radiant cheerfulness; geniality.
b. A source of cheerfulness.
3. Public access or scrutiny: attempts to open the legislative process to more sunshine.

sun′shin′y adj.


1. (Astronomy) the light received directly from the sun
2. the warmth from the sun
3. a sunny area
4. a light-hearted or ironic term of address
ˈsunˌshiny adj



1. the shining of the sun; direct light of the sun.
2. cheerfulness or happiness.
3. a source of cheer or happiness.
4. the effect of the sun in lighting and heating a place.
5. a place where the direct rays of the sun fall.
6. of or denoting a law requiring a government agency to open its official meetings and records to the public.
sun′shin′y, adj.
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Noun1.sunshine - the rays of the sunsunshine - the rays of the sun; "the shingles were weathered by the sun and wind"
light, visible light, visible radiation - (physics) electromagnetic radiation that can produce a visual sensation; "the light was filtered through a soft glass window"
sunburst - a sudden emergence of the sun from behind clouds
sunbeam, sunray - a ray of sunlight
2.sunshine - moderate weathersunshine - moderate weather; suitable for outdoor activities
atmospheric condition, weather, weather condition, conditions - the atmospheric conditions that comprise the state of the atmosphere in terms of temperature and wind and clouds and precipitation; "they were hoping for good weather"; "every day we have weather conditions and yesterday was no exception"; "the conditions were too rainy for playing in the snow"
3.sunshine - the quality of being cheerful and dispelling gloom; "flowers added a note of cheerfulness to the drab room"
attribute - an abstraction belonging to or characteristic of an entity
disposition, temperament - your usual mood; "he has a happy disposition"
good-humoredness, good-humouredness, good-naturedness, good-temperedness - a cheerful willingness to be obliging
ضُوْءُ الشَّمْسضوء الشَّمْسمَرَح وسَعادَه
sluneční světlosluneční svitštěstí
sunčev sjaj
slnečné svetlo
sončna svetloba
ánh nắng


A. N
1.sol m, luz f del sol
in the sunshineal sol
hours of sunshine (Met) → horas fpl de sol
daily average sunshinemedia f de horas de sol diarias
2. hello, sunshine! (to little girl) → ¡hola, nena!
now look here, sunshine (iro) → mira, macho
B. CPD sunshine law N (US) ley que obliga a mantener informado al público
sunshine roof N (Aut) → techo m solar


[ˈsʌnʃaɪn] nsoleil m
a day of brilliant sunshine
BUT une journée radieuse.
in the sunshine → au soleil


[ˈsʌnˌʃaɪn] n(luce f del) sole m
hours of sunshine (Met) → ore fpl di sole
she's a little ray of sunshine (iro) → è una dolce creatura


(san) noun
1. the round body in the sky that gives light and heat to the earth. The Sun is nearly 150 million kilometres away from the Earth.
2. any of the fixed stars. Do other suns have planets revolving round them?
3. light and heat from the sun; sunshine. We sat in the sun; In Britain they don't get enough sun; The sun has faded the curtains.
verbpast tense, past participle sunned
to expose (oneself) to the sun's rays. He's sunning himself in the garden.
ˈsunless adjective
without sun, or lacking sunlight. a sunless room.
ˈsunny adjective
1. filled with sunshine. sunny weather.
2. cheerful and happy. The child has a sunny nature.
ˈsunniness noun
ˈsunbathe verb
to lie or sit in the sun, especially wearing few clothes, in order to get a suntan.
ˈsunbeam noun
a ray of the sun.
ˈsunburn noun
the brown or red colour of the skin caused by exposure to the sun's rays.
ˈsunburned, ˈsunburnt adjective
sunburnt faces.
ˈsundial noun
a device, usually in a garden, for telling time from the shadow of a rod or plate on its surface cast by the sun.
ˈsundown noun
(especially American) sunset.
ˈsunflower noun
a type of large yellow flower with petals like rays of the sun, from whose seeds we get oil.
ˈsunglasses noun plural
glasses of dark-coloured glass or plastic to protect the eyes in bright sunlight.
ˈsunlight noun
the light of the sun. The cat was sitting in a patch of sunlight.
ˈsunlit adjective
lighted up by the sun. a sunlit room.
ˈsunrise noun
the rising of the sun in the morning, or the time of this.
ˈsunset noun
the setting of the sun, or the time of this. the red glow of the sunset.
ˈsunshade noun
a type of umbrella for sheltering a person from the sun; a parasol.
ˈsunshine noun
1. the light of the sun. The children were playing in the sunshine.
2. cheerfulness or happiness.
ˈsunstroke noun
a serious illness caused by being in very hot sunshine for too long.
ˈsuntan noun
a brown colour of the skin caused by exposure to the sun. I'm trying to get a suntan.
catch the sun
to become sunburnt.
under the sun
in the whole world. I'm sure that he must have visited every country under the sun.


ضُوْءُ الشَّمْس sluneční svit solskin Sonnenschein λιακάδα brillo del sol auringonpaiste ensoleillement sunčev sjaj luce del sole 日光 햇빛 zonneschijn solskinn światło słoneczne brilho do sol, luz do sol солнечный свет solsken แสงอาทิตย์ gün ışığı ánh nắng 阳光
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May she sleep in deh gutter an' never see deh sun shine agin.
I don't know whether the sun shines or not." Pollyanna beamed joyously.
"I say, that's why I told you--so you would notice it, you know--that the sun shines, and all that.
The far-off land may have bays, forelands, angles in and out to any number and extent; yet at a distance you see none of these (unless indeed your sun shines bright upon them revealing the projections and retirements by means of light and shade), nothing but a grey unbroken line upon the water.
"What," replied he, "do you live in Bagdad, and not know that here lives the noble Sindbad the Sailor, that famous traveller who sailed over every sea upon which the sun shines?"
"But I know the wood, where the sun shines and where the little birds sing." And then he told all about his youth; and the little Mice had never heard the like before; and they listened and said,
An FIA spokesman told APP on Wednesday that on a complaint the FIA teams conducted raid at Itfaq Book Depot main Bazaar Bhulwal and seized 272 pirated books of Carvan House, 127 books of IT Series, 257 books of Sun Shine Publishers, 106 books of Islam Traders, 35 books of College Publishing and 50 books of Uzman Kutab Khana.
"Papa, Why Does the Sun Shine?" is recommended as a day-brightener as well as a counting book, and it lives up to this sunny recommendation.
WHEN the golden sun rises to herald a new day What fortune will come our way The troubles of yesterday may not have gone To face what lies ahead he must be strong Whatever thoughts that may trouble us In ourselves we have to trust Life is precious so let's spend our time Look at the sun so that in life we may shine This life of ours we must treasure As we journey through life together We look around where we belong It's easy to forget when life's troubles come along We have so much beauty to enjoy each day Let's help the wind blow the clouds away When the day goes slowly by Let's fill our lives with laughter try not to cry So before the day is through Feel the sun shine just on you As the sun sinks slowly in the west Troubles may drift away with a night's rest.
Chicago, IL, December 13, 2011 --( The Chicago Sun-Times Charity Trust has awarded a $45,000 Sun Shine Project grant to the People's Music School.
The next day, I got an e-mail from the hottie next door: "Next time, pull your blinds down." I haven't let the sun shine in since.