a.1.(Med.) Overcome by, or affected with, sunstroke; as, sun-struck soldiers.
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That year, the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Health commissioned Carrier to build a large ice plant and cold room in the holy city of Makkah to treat sun-struck visitors.
The Bird Man who saves Ava is not a predatory impostor but her brother who, on his first day as a publicity pilot, spots his sister wandering dehydrated and sun-struck, and dives his plane down in a messianic rescue.
station-wagon back on a level, almost, with the wide sun-struck bayou
One wishes the form were less inflexible and less perkily "educational," allowing viewers the luxury of basking under the mesmerizing spell of the sun-struck tableaux, transfixed to the giant screen.
We're sitting behind the blue line," says Suzanne Light, while her singers wiggle like blobs of mercury around her on a sun-struck floor.
THIS almost spotless image has left space-watchers Sun-struck.
The off-flavors--light activated or sun-struck flavors--can be caused by either a lipid oxidation or a riboflavin-catalyzed degradation of amino acids in the milk, made possible by the photo-oxidation of methionine to methional.
This is followed immediately by a scene of somber, choked denial that either man is queer: the words are right, the tone tragic, and wrong--a misrepresentation of what the short story suggests is only a half-serious aside tossed off in the midst of their unashamed, sun-struck lovemaking.
I have to imagine the high school, Gone now for decades, the dingy brick And masonry, and a boredom so immense Even the hours seemed made of stone Even the aluminum siding is sun-struck And worn on the house on Sixteenth Avenue, where I was born, and my father Before me.
Leeds were the more sun-struck and were often bisected by Wolves passing in the first half as the visitors created good openings for Kenny Miller and Paul Ince.
The semi-circular amalgam of frog-green furze and pubic moss had snubbed disciplined monoculture by defining a temperate micro-climate within Paul's sun-struck yard in Melbourne's sandbelt.