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(Placename) another name for the Songhua



a river in NE China, flowing through Manchuria into the Amur. 800 mi. (1287 km) long.
Also called Song′hua Jiang′ (dʒyɑŋ) Sungari.
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The Russian steamship Sungari was set on fire and burned throughout the night, finally sinking in the early morning.
When the video of the song Endhira Logathin Sungari was played in 3D format, it transported viewers into another world.
(77) It also played a part in the Reds' eventual concessions over Amur shipping, allowing a Chinese naval flotilla to set up a long-term base along the Sungari River.
According to FGBU "Far Eastern UGMS", on the southern tributaries of the Amur River in the upper reaches of the rivers Sungari and Ussuri, an autopsy process was started 5-10 days earlier.
China and Russia demarcated their 4,300 kilometer border by 2005, but smuggling, illegal timber sales, Sungari and Amur river pollution, and ethnic conflicts all remain as annoyances.
A JAPANESE military aeroplane is reported to have been shot down by Soviet troops near the confluence of the Amur and the Sungari rivers.