Sup Ct

Sup. Ct.

1. Superior Court.
2. Supreme Court.
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TD Bank, 2013 NY Slip Op 3273(U) (Sup Ct, Nassau County 2013) where the defendants in a personal injury action located a photograph on a public, unblocked portion of the plaintiffs Facebook page depicting the plaintiff holding scuba gear on a beach in front of a cruise ship.
(65) Six cases included female consumers, individually or as class representatives: Allen Sup Ct, supra note 62; Berube, supra note 62; Friesen, supra note 62; McLean, supra note 62; Liebrecht, supra note 62; Trepanier, supra note 62; and Douez SC, supra note 62.
See also Krynen v Bugg (2003), 64 OR (3d) 393 at 410,24 CCEL (3d) 74 (Sup Ct J) [Krynen] where Killeen J states: "[w]here expectations are apparently reasonable on their face but where there is a contract dealing with these expectations, the reasonableness of these expectations cannot prevail over the contract."
(3.) 1176560 Ontario Limited v Great Atlantic & Pacific Co of Canada Ltd, 62 OR (3d) 535 at para 55, 28 CPC (5th) 135 (Sup Ct J) [A&P]; Sorbara v Canada (Attorney General), [2009] GSTC 33, [2009] OJ No 657 (QL), (Sup Ct J) [cited to QL] ("by their very nature, in virtually every class action, the representative plaintiff will have little to gain as an individual and thus it becomes arguable that he or she is litigating altruistically and thus in the interest of others; namely a sector of the public" at para 14).
(15) [2009] OJ No 3074, 196 CRR (2d) 288 at paras 5257 (Ont Sup Ct) [Polius].
We are looking at some new Sup Ct justices, permanent overhaul of the health care system, and, thanks to you, we've re-elected Jimmy Carter.
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In Schleier, 115 Sup Ct. 2159 (1995), the Supreme Court denied the Sec.