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 (so͞o′pər-mə-jôr′ĭ-tē, -jŏr′-)
n. pl. su·per·ma·jor·i·ties
A specified majority of votes, such as 60 percent, required to approve a motion or pass legislation.
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n, pl -ties
(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a specified majority of votes (that exceeds the simple majority) needed to approve a motion
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(ˈsu pər məˌdʒɔr ɪ ti, -ˌdʒɒr-)

n., pl. -ties.
a majority greater than a specified number, as 60%, of the total: required to pass certain types of legislation, override vetoes, etc.
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But NHK said the ruling bloc and its allies fell short of the 85 seats needed to retain the two-thirds "super majority" required to begin revising the constitution's pacifist Article 9 to further legitimise the military, a controversial step.
Still up in the air, however, is whether the ruling bloc and its allies will keep the two-thirds "super majority" needed to begin the process of revising the constitution's pacifist Article 9 to further legitimise the military, a controversial step.
Instituting much-needed reforms to improve the public impression of the House of Representatives will be the priority goal of the Diehard Duterte Super Majority (DDSM) being formed by Malacanang's choice for speaker, Taguig-Pateros Rep.
Cayetano urged his fellow lawmakers to unite and join the 'Die-hard Duterte Super Majority' or DDSM.
The order has its limits, however, and it was not complemented by legislation, with even the President's super majority in the 17th Congress sitting on the Freedom of Information bill.
'The reality is the President has a super majority at the House of Representatives.
A political party's reach should exceed its grasp, or (paraphrasing Browning) what's a super majority for?
Our bill has already passed the Arizona House of Representatives by a super majority of 50-10.
Until we balance out this legislature, and eliminate the super majority in county government, were just asking for many of the problems we have."
However, the point of order would take a super majority in the Senate--a threshold that would be difficult to overcome.
The ruling coalition won a super majority of 312 seats in the 465-seat parliament in the snap elections, enough to push through Abe's agenda.