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So, he'll be super-sizing some of our favourite schoolday treats, from mega-sized packets of Hula Hoops to the largest ice cream cone in the world.
Head John Starling began super-sizing classes nearly two years ago and says he aims to extend it to other school years after pupils showed good progress.
BRITONS find it hard to resist "super-sizing" meals to extra large portions, according to a survey published.
The trends towards 'super-sizing' and habitually serving up large portions of food are major contributing factors.
"It's a way of super-sizing donations and making sure they're as valuable as they can be.
It might seem like great value, but super-sizing your Mac adds a whopping 176 cals and 8g of fat to a regular Big Mac.
It is said that since the movie, McDonald's has stopped 'super-sizing' its meals and has made strides to make its menu healthier.
Super-sizing one's body at such an early age also can cause psychological problems, experts say.
Thorpe Park divisional director Mike Vallis said yesterday: "The reality is that we are super-sizing - and that's a fact we're embracing.
The headteacher, John Starling, began super-sizing at Bure Valley School in Aylsham, Norfolk, two years ago.
FAST food giant McDonald's is fighting claims it is super-sizing the nation by letting Irish mothers help change its menu.