supercritical fluid

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su·per·crit·i·cal fluid

A substance at a temperature above its critical point, having properties intermediate between those of a liquid and those of a gas.
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Non-isothermal conversion of the Kashpir sulfur-rich oil shale in a supercritical water flow.
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(1) The oxide kinetic curves of Alloy C-276 in supercritical water at 500[degrees]C/25MPa obey the parabolic law.
Supercritical water Desulfurization (SCW) Supercritical water method is a useful method for the removal of sulfur compounds from the hydrocarbon.
By its dissolving capacity, the supercritical water (T = 647.1 K; Pk = 22.06 MPa) is similar to the non-polar organic compounds, it hardly dissolves inorganics of the ionic nature and it completely miscible with organic compounds, air, and gaseous reaction products.
Supercritical water rapidly oxidizes any organic substance it comes in contact with- which in other words mean that it burns it.
Catalyst can decrease the reaction temperature and accelerate the reaction to guarantee the technological and economic feasibility of supercritical water gasification and conduct the reaction toward the desired products [15], so catalytic gasification of biomass in supercritical water has received much attention, and the catalyst investigated can roughly be divided into homogenous and heterogonous catalysts [16,17].
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They include high-pressure methods and equipment, synthetic organic chemistry in supercritical fluids, polymerization in supercritical carbon dioxide, photochemical and photo-induced reactions in supercritical fluid solvents, and chemistry in near-critical and supercritical water.
As reported by Tan et al., [8], who studied shot-peening effects on the oxidation of alloy 800H to supercritical water, the grain refinement samples with high concentration of Ti in Ti rich oxides mitigated the Cr volatilization.
JOGMEC expressed willingness in sharing technologies associated with recovery of heavy crude and supercritical water technology.
Supercritical water is strongly acidic, Spika says, and attacks screws and barrels.