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(ˌsuːpərɪnˈtɛndənsɪ; ˌsuːprɪn-)
n, pl -cies
1. the office or jurisdiction of a superintendent
2. a district under the jurisdiction of a superintendent


(ˌsu pər ɪnˈtɛn dən si, ˌsu prɪn-)

n., pl. -cies.
1. a district or place under a superintendent.
2. the position of a superintendent.
[1590–1600; < Medieval Latin superintendentia]
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Following the announcement, The Superintendency of Banks of Panama approved the acquisition and Global Bank formalized the purchase agreement for USD 202.9 in cash and GB Group stock.
The Superintendency of Banks of Panama has approved the acquisition of 99.972% of the shares of Banvivienda, after the announcement that Global Bank Corp., S.A., controlled by G.B.
Caballero will be the compliance agent for financial reporting to the Colombian Finance Superintendency and the international markets.
The creation of this joint venture was approved in May by Colombia's Superintendency of Industry and Commerce, or SIC.
Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), the United States Department of Justice, and the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), as well as representatives from the Argentine FIU, Cabinet of Ministers, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, Central Bank of Argentina, National Securities Commission, Federal Administration of Public Revenue, Superintendency of Insurance, Ministry of the Treasury, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship.
Rather than admit that the regime's entire philosophy is based on magical thinking, the PanAm Post reports, the National Superintendency of Fair Prices will begin fining bakeries that have lines stretching out their doors.
Patricia Mata, Director of Public Offerings at the Securities Superintendency (Sugeval), said "projects may be carried out by a 'direct funding, separate from the sponsor', taking the sponsor to be the entity interested in the work.
(NYSE: GOL) said that the antitrust authority (the General Superintendency of the CADE Conselho Administrativo de Defesa Economica) has published its decision granting unconditional approval for the exclusive long term strategic partnership for commercial cooperation between the company and Air France-KLM executed on February 19, 2014.
"We aim to better understand the cause of death and the kind of surgery carried on the Medici warrior," the superintendency said.
As an approved and qualified practice of external auditors, the firm is registered with the Superintendency of Banks of the Dominican Republic and with the Superintendencia de Valores (SIV).

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