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n.1.(Eccl.) A woman who acts as chief in a convent, abbey, or nunnery; a lady superior.
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The Superioress began to hope to see her desire realized--however receiving no co-operation without and having no means, she laid her earnest wish before the Archbishop, Dr Vaughan, and through her instrumentality, a Servants' Home was opened and placed under the care of a matron, the Sisters simply taking upon themselves to visit and instruct the girls, and encourage the matron by their patronage.
She was an excellent businesswoman and had been Superioress (1898-1910) and the Mistress of Boarders (Kneipp 57, and Freehill 20).
As one who always had to monitor her workaholic temperament, Louise undoubtedly drew from personal experience when she advised the superioress of the motherhouse to "watch over herself so that her heavy workload does not cause her stress.