2.Excessively sensuous.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Beyond the shadow of any doubt he is convinced that the universe was made for him, and that it is his destiny to live for ever in the immaterial and supersensuous realms he and his kind have builded of the stuff of semblance and deception.
One step advanced beyond this, Jerry's uttermost, the folk of Somo, from the contemplation of death, had achieved concepts of the spirits of the dead still living in immaterial and supersensuous realms.
Thus, again, a more refined sensation of the supersensuous is evoked, possibly intimating, by the same token, a pantheistic deity.
By recognizing pain and suffering as the Law, the hierarchy between the supersensuous and the sensuous is inverted, and the "physical aspect," repudiated by Plato for hindering us in the acquisition of the knowledge of true being, is now taken to be, in Adorno's words, "the only source of whatever hope the mind can have." (p.
Drawing on anthropological tropes of the time, Harrison describes the "supersensuous" world of the savage, a "secondary reality" that includes dreams, trance, visions, ghosts of dead ancestors and portents of the future (1962b, 512; 1915, 155-6).
Swanson's apples are like Goedie's "supersensuous plant archetype lying beyond the empirically visible, touchable, smellable, classifiable plant, undergirding and guiding the formation and the transformation of the material shapes we see".
In the earlier stages of progress, the forces to be assimilated [by man] were simple and easy to absorb, but, as the mind of man enlarged its range, it enlarged the field of complexity, and must continue to do so, even into chaos, until the reservoirs of sensuous or supersensuous energies are exhausted, or cease to affect him, or until he succumbs to their excess.
Fichte claims, however, that the objects of this supersensible organ could be designated in language only by it being said that their particular relation to their organ is like the relation of this or that particular sensuous object to its sense organ; that in this relation a particular supersensuous thing is equated with a particular sensuous thing, and thanks to this equation its place in the supersensuous organ can be indicated through language.
73)--it is what he calls art in the "grand style" (a style often mistaken for the Classical, but which can take on either the romantic or classical guise) that "takes up Being into itself'--not only because the real world is itself sensuous (not supersensuous, not an abstraction) but because it is temporal and ever-becoming.
Perhaps a supersensuous first cause created that atom just before it blew up.
Distinction is the obscure faculty that allows us to find our way home on a dark night with only meager intuitable coordinates, which capacity for spatial awareness then provides an analogy for our ability to orient ourselves using reason in the "immeasurable and for us dark night of the dense space of the supersensuous." Caygill goes on to describe how Kant in his essay "postulates a metaphysical subjective capacity for distinction, a metaphysical need (Bedurfnis) which, like the elementary distinction in space, allows us to orient ourselves." (23)