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n.1.That which is more than temporal; that which is eternal.
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First, Husserl says: "Indeed, it has, from its primal establishment, an existence which is peculiarly supertemporal and which--of this we are certain--is accessible to all men, first of all to the actual and possible mathematicians of all peoples, all ages; and this is true of all its particular forms.
The content of law, therefore, consistently leads to a spiritualistic metaphysic, to the assumption that there exist elements within the physical world which in their inmost essence are an incarnation of spiritual principles or rational ideas expressing supertemporal values.
19) Meanwhile, on the path to this perfection, the moral bond of generations and the unconditional, supertemporal unity of humankind is supported through reverence of ancestors in one direction and through education of children--in the other.
miniatus in addition to the large pore over the eye and the lateral slit pore on the tip of the snout present in both species; 2) Apogonichthyoides miniatus has a greater posterior expansion of supertemporal canal branches closer to the origin of the first dorsal spine than in A umbratilis.
4) As part of this project, Buber located manifestations of Jesus' inborn nobility in "the plain, concrete and situation-bound dialogicism [Dialogik] of the original man of the Bible [urbiblischen Menschen], who found eternity, not in the supertemporal spirit, but in the depth of the actual moment.
It appears to be a supertemporal country in which the seasonal cycle is suspended.
144], y por ello sus magistrados se identifican cada vez, simbolicamente, con sus respectivas funciones, a traves de las cuales se actualiza la idea supertemporal del poder (18).