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a.1.Being above the earth, or above what belongs to the earth.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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She answered, "Nothing, but he would not gain his soul until he had gained a little of the world." Then they said, "No they did not believe it," and she admitted that an overworked clerk may save his soul in the superterrestrial sense, where the effort will be taken for the deed, but she denied that he will ever explore the spiritual resources of this world, will ever know the rarer joys of the body, or attain to clear and passionate intercourse with his fellows.
that immediately thereafter opens part two--a piece of cosmic music of the spheres, icy, clear, transparent as glass, austerely dissonant, to be sure, but whose sound is so sweet, might I say, so inaccessibly alien and superterrestrial that it fills the heart with hopeless longing.
He concludes correctly that "he must be on a world lighter than the Earth, where less strength was needed and nature was set free to follow her skyward impulse on a superterrestrial scale" (OSP 49).
These formed part of the great sacral cultures which 'conceived of themselves as cosmically central, through the medium of a sacred language linked to a superterrestrial order of power'.
Herder clearly stated already in 1775--nine years before Kant's critical review of Herder's Ideen zur Philosophie der Geschichte der Menschheit--that he is hardly concerned about "the superterrestrial abstraction which places itself beyond everything that is called 'circle of our thinking and sensing' onto I know not what throne of divinity, creates there words of worlds, and passes judgment on everything possible and actual" (Forster 188).
mysterious, human beings somehow play a part in "superterrestrial
Marx: "in certain writers the real production of life seems to be primeval history, while the truly historical appears to be separated from ordinary life, something superterrestrial. With this the relation of man to nature is excluded from history and hence the antithesis of nature and history is created" (Selected Writings, ed.
This power or force is the superterrestrial Holy Spirit, the Paraclete, the "voice" and gift from above.
O satisfied world, you dwell in a blind and silent blessedness, while we dry up with our superterrestrial pangs of hunger.
They both refer us to the Eternal, to the Superterrestrial ..., and require from man an attitude of detachment, inner freedom, truth, justice and benevolence as the indispensable condition to reach peace and salvation." (22)
And the rose only, a sexual symbol, Symbol of love and superterrestrial beauty, Will open a chasm deeper than your knowledge.