n.1.A supplying or furnishing; supply.
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According to the authors the supplyment of the nutritive solution in the semi-hydroponic system afforded a greater nutrients availability, promoting a better vegetative growth of the seedlings.
Based in these results it is verifiable that the semi-hydroponic cropping system influenced the rooting levels in olive minicuttings, probably due to the supplyment of greater amounts of most nutrients necessary to the ministumps growth (Table 3).
So, Ni depletion regions expanding towards bulk solution will impede supplyment of Ni ions to cathode surface.
Then, some other nodes that exchange matter with the nodes outside the industry park are added as the supplyment nodes.
As performance is not critical for the supplyment process there is no need to optimize here.
Wich of the following vitamins and supplyments, if any, do you currently take?