Support arms

(Mil.) a command in the manual of arms in responce to which the piece is held vertically at the shoulder, with the hammer resting on the left forearm, which is passed horizontally across the body in front; also, the position assumed in response to this command.

See also: Support

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should strengthen its cooperation with Taiwan in defense and security, and should strongly support arms sales to Taiwan.
Speaking during the opening ceremony of the combat support arms training week 2018 held at the marmalari barracks, Maiduguri, Shettima equally expressed his gratitude to the Nigerian army for its continuous support and successes in spite of all odds against the insurgents.
Siemens new Simatic[R] IPC477D PRO 22" and IPC477D PRO 19" industrial panel PCs may be mounted to support arms with extension components.
The "Relax" and "Hydro" support arms swing laterally side-to-side and telescope forward and back.
The structure consists of eight hollow columns with a diameter of 355mm, with up to seven additional support arms projecting from each to create a 'tree-like' shape to support the film canopy.
coated support arms. Moving the arms accommodates other part layouts for simple lift repositioning and locking.
That also goes for the idler wheel support arms on your M113-series carrier.
A plurality of segment support arms forming a circular array below the tire receiving opening are in an operative location to support respective core body segments.
The bulk bags are lifted into place by a forklift truck and suspended by way of a lifting frame that rests on spring-loaded support arms. As the contents of the bag are discharged, the support arms rise on their springs to keep the bag in tension.
The second, 'Combat Support Arms', provides 'direct support' to the infantry, the artillery, Royal Engineers, Signals Corps and Intelligence Corps.
A low profile console slopes away from the driver affording a clear view of the forks and support arms, whilst a re-positioning of electrical components allows a low chassis profile around the driver giving an unrestricted view and sensation of space.

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