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n.1.Maintenance; support.
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BETRAPOCYS aims to study the supportation of multiple single-site catalysts onto silicate-type nano-fillers, graphene and carbon nanotubes, to produce well-processible reactor blends of tailor-made composition.
19) These purposes were: the relief of the aged, poor and impotent; the maintenance of sick and maimed soldiers and mariners; the repair of bridges, ports, havens, causeways, churches, seabanks and highways; the maintenance of schools and colleges; the education and preferment of orphans; the relief, stock or maintenance of houses of correction; marriages of poor maids; the supportation, aid and help for young tradesmen, handicraftsmen and persons decayed; the relief or redemption of prisoners or captives; and the aid and ease of any poor inhabitants concerning payment of fifteens, setting out soldiers, and other taxes.
Naunton describes his friend as "a Courtier from his Cradle" who became "the Staffe of the Queens declining age; who though his little crooked person could not promise any great supportation, yet it carried therone a head, and a head piece of a vast content, and therein it seems nature was so diligent to complete one, and the best part about him, as that to the perfection of his memory, and intellectuals, she took care also of his senses" (59-60).
supportation, aid and help of young tradesmen, handicraftsmen
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