v. t.1.To surprise.
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Here lubin listn'd wi a struck supprise When hickerthrifts great strength has met his ear How he killd jiants as they were but flies & lifted trees as one woud lift a spear & goodys sympathy woud fetch the tear From each young listner seated by her side When cruel barbary allen they did hear The haughty stubbornness of female pride To that fond youth who broke his heart & dyd & jack the jiant killers tales shed say Which still the same enchanting power supplyd The stagnant tear amazment wipd away & jacks exploits were felt for many an after day.
The only supprise to me is that Doug has been so patient.
The negative impacts of LTE now threaten the very core of the industry--driving bankruptcies, lowered ratings, increased loss ratios and supprise reserve adjustments in the billions of dollars.