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Adj.1.supraocular - located or occurring above the eye socket
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neomexicana in Hidalgo County had incomplete circumorbital series that extended no farther anteriorly than the midpoints of the third supraocular scales which provided evidence of the diagnostic utility of the character in distinguishing these species in New Mexico (Table 3).
It's a stout, moderate-sized snake, with a small head, large eyes, and the outer edges of the supraocular scales noticeably elevated.
The lizard has a group of enlarged to moderately enlarged postantebrachial scales, abruptly enlarged mesoptychial scales bordering the gular fold, circumorbital series anteriorly on each side only bordering the separation between the third and fourth supraocular scales, and five rather than three parietals.
Supraocular scales of Squamata are not morphological elements at random, but can be assumed as morphological scale characters, useful in systematic comparative examinations and able to strengthen some discussed new systematic assessments, such as the family status of Leiosauridae and its subfamilies in Pleurodont Iguanians, proposed by Frost et al.
Given the noticeable position of these supraocular scales in the head scutellation of Squamata, their presence has generally been reported in many diagnostic descriptions of species.
We can anticipate that a fairly simple supraocular scutellation belongs to Acrodonta, but a remarkable variety of differentiated supraocular scales is shown by the Pleurodonta families.
Agamid patterns of Figure 3 have been compared and confirmed in other 15 African and Indian taxa of the genus Agama, in 15 Asiatic taxa of Draco, in 4 Indian taxa of Calotes whose irregular supraocular scales appear noticeably bulky, in 70 Australian taxa of the genera Goniocephalus, Amphibolurus, Tympanocryptis, Chelosania, Dipariphera, Physignathus and Lophognathus.
SO Bilateral total of supraocular scales Table 2-Descriptive statistics for Aspidoscelis hyperythra from 13 locations in Baja California Peninsula, Mexico.
There are 130 granules around midbody, 212 granules from occiput to rump, 48 femoral pores summed, 32 subdigital lamellae on the longest toe of the left pes, 11 circumorbital scales summed, 16 lateral supraocular granules on the left side, 16 enlarged mesoptychial scales, and 4-4 supraocular scales.
This character measures the relative anterior extent of circumorbital scale penetration between supraocular scales and median head scutes (frontoparietals and frontal).
7 percent of the granules around midbody lying between the paravertebral stripes, 38 femoral pores combined, 31 subdigital lamellae of the longest toe of the left pes, nine circumorbital scales combined, 20 lateral supraocular granules on the left side, eight supraocular scales combined, 15 mesoptychial scales bordering the gular fold, and large platelike postantebrachial scales (analyses follow Duellman and Zweifel, 1962; Walker, 1981).