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Located on or above the kidney.
A suprarenal part, especially an adrenal gland.


(ˌsuːprəˈriːnəl; ˌsjuː-)
(Anatomy) anatomy situated above a kidney
[C19: from New Latin suprārēnālis. See supra-, renal]


(ˌsu prəˈrin l)
1. situated above or on the kidney.
2. a suprarenal part, esp. the adrenal gland.
[1820–30; < New Latin suprārēnālis. See supra-, renal]
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The young men who were sent down to him knew only hospital practice; and they came with the unconcealed scorn for the General Practitioner which they had absorbed in the air at the hospital; but they had seen only the complicated cases which appeared in the wards; they knew how to treat an obscure disease of the suprarenal bodies, but were helpless when consulted for a cold in the head.
MATERIALS AND METHODS: The present work is the result of study of human fetal suprarenals 50 in number obtained from Rajiv Gandhi Institute of medical sciences general Hospital, srikakulam from department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.
During the sixth to eighth week, however, amyloid appeared first in the spleen, then in the liver, kidneys, suprarenals, lymph glands, etc.