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Worms of the riper grave unhid By any kindly coffin lid, Obscene and shameless to the light, Seethe in insatiate appetite, Through putrid offal; while above The hissing blow-fly seeks his love, Whose offspring, supping where they supt, Consume corruption twice corrupt.
Still in Kgatleng, Supt Baatweng said four people perished when the vehicle they were travelling in lost control and hit a tuck-shop on the roadside in Ramonaka.
Rodelio Jocson - Maritime Group (MARIG) Chief Supt.
Supt Thornton till recently ran the have lot of specialist operations unit - covering traffic - for both his Cleveland force and Durham Police.
Official figures show the number of traffic offences falling, but Supt Keasey told a Commons inquiry that this was partly because cuts in police numbers meant fewer motorists were being caught.
Likewise, Morales ordered the filing of graft and corruption charges before the Sandiganbayan against Chief Supt.
In an e-mail sent out Chief Supt Bell wrote: "I will be taking up a post that covers the whole force area, including Coventry, and will be in charge of the public protection unit.
Supt Jim Napier received a call from an off-duty colleague, Det Chief Insp Nicola Musgrove, at just after 8pm that night.
Supt Napier, who was the force's silver commander that night took the decision that to handle the situation 'sensitively' the right officer should be sent to David's home, not simply the nearest one.
He has taken over from Chief Supt John Robins, who has been seconded to take up a force wide-role as Assistant Chief Constable's position at West Yorkshire Police's HQ.
When Supt Kane arrived, Kader mistook him for the other man and drove at him "full throttle".
Martin Dorney was rising quickly through the ranks and was promoted to Supt in November 2008.