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n. pl. Suquamish or Su·qua·mish·es
1. A member of a Native American people inhabiting an area of the eastern shore of Puget Sound.
2. The Coast Salish language of the Suquamish.
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Suquamish Indiand Tribe(23) that Indian tribes did not have criminal authority over non-Indians on the reservation except as permitted by Congress.(24) Three months later, the Court switched sides again in Santa Clara Pueblo v.
Suquamish Indian Tribe, (277) which held that tribes do not have jurisdiction to prosecute crimes committed by non-members on reservations.
Suquamish Indian Tribe, holding that although no federal law or treaty removed tribal criminal jurisdiction over non-Indians, tribes nevertheless lacked such jurisdiction because it was "inconsistent with their status" as Indian tribes.
- An estimated 1.6 million baby chinook salmon, almost ready for release to swim out to the ocean, have died in fish-rearing ponds on Gorst Creek, Suquamish tribal officials said.
The town meeting opened Friday evening with a welcoming ceremony that included dancing and comments from members of the Suquamish Tribe, and presentations by more than 20 community groups, tribal nations, and youth groups.
Suquamish Indian Tribe (which appeared to discount, if not disregard altogether, the continuing relevance of the doctrine of inherent tribal sovereignty), held expressly that tribal criminal jurisdiction over tribal members flowed from the tribe's inherent sovereignty and not from a delegation of powers from the United States.
Lisa Salisbury, a heavy equipment operator from Suquamish, Wash., came looking for a two-wheel cart for her pair of Haflingers, which she rents out for wedding parties and parades.
(206) Furthermore, the non-Indian population disproportionately outnumbered the Indian population on the Suquamish reservation.
Survivors include his wife; his mother, Olive Petersen of Eugene; a daughter, Shauna Haxby of Hillsboro; two sons, Garrett of Suquamish, Wash., and Skylend of Hillsboro; two brothers, Richard and Roger, both of Eugene; and six grandchildren.