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also Su·ra·ba·ja  (so͝or′ə-bä′yə)
A city of northeast Java, Indonesia, on the Java Sea. It is an important naval base.
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(ˌsʊərəˈbaɪə) or


(Placename) a port in Indonesia, on E Java on the Surabaya Strait: the country's second port and chief naval base; university (1954); fishing and ship-building industries; oil refinery. Pop: 2 599 796 (2000). Former spelling: Soerabaja
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or Su•ra•ba•ja

(ˌsʊər əˈbɑ yə)

a seaport on NE Java, Indonesia. 2,483,871.
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The cities are New Delhi in India, Penang in Malaysia, Hanoi in Vietnam, Surabaja in Indonesia, and Davao in the Philippines.
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He suffered multiple shrapnel wounds to his back that would land him in a hospital in Surabaja, Java, home of the main Dutch naval base.
The travelling time from Batavia to Surabaja had been considerably reduced, both for postal services and for passengers.
The 1992 survey included eight of the countries from the first survey (Australia, Belgium, Canada, England/ Wales, Finland, The Netherlands, United States, and Japan), three new industrialized countries (Italy, Sweden, and New Zealand), and the cities of Surabaja (Indonesia) and Warsaw (Poland).
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