n.1.One to be sure of, or to be relied on.
There is one which is suresby, as they say, to serve, if anything will serve.
- Bradford.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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A cutpurse, aptly named Lifter, and the plaintiff, Smart, are presented before Justice Suresby. The jury has pronounced Lifter guilty but Justice Suresby is equally enraged with the plaintiff who, according to Justice Suresby, "tempt[ed] necessity" (1.2.25) by carrying "no less than ten pounds" (1.2.26) in his purse.
Mayor Justice Suresby, and other Justices, Sheriff More and the other Sheriff sitting by Smart is the Plaintiff Lifter the prisoner at the Bar" His procedure will be "to build upon that one piece of explicit evidence by listening to the staging implications of the rest of Sir Thomas More." (13)
With Michelle Butterly (Doll Williamson, Poor Woman), Ian Drysdale (John Lincoln, Luggins), Nigel Betts (George Betts, Randall, Wit), Nigel Cooke (Sir Thomas More), Keith Osborne (Suresby, Sir John Munday, Bishop of Rochester), Peter Bramhill (Lifter, Kit, Lady Vanity, Downes),Julian Stolzenberg (Smart, Robin, Master Roper),Jon Foster (Recorder, Harry, Sheriff, Clerk, Catesby) Geoffrey Freshwater (Sir Roger Cholmley, Erasmus, Inclination), Vinette Robinson (Lady Roper), Teresa Banham (Lady More), and others.