Surface condensation

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the system of condensing steam by contact with cold metallic surfaces, in distinction from condensation by the injection of cold water.
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The pool enclosure must be designed with enough R-value and a thermal break to prevent surface condensation, and with a vapor barrier to stop moisture migration from the high vapor pressure of the pool space into and through walls.
New features include a sliding mesh model for rotating equipment such as pumps, fans, and blowers; water film simulation to calculate surface condensation and icing film thickness; together with radiation and lighting enhancements.
This eliminates or reduces surface condensation, which causes mould growth, providing a significant improvement in indoor air quality.
If you decide to use a higher WVTR, you will be probably be limited by surface condensation.
Non-hygroscopic polymers may become wet if poorly stored and suffer from surface condensation if poorly handled.
To directly model surface condensation in CFD, a so-called User Defined Function (UDF) is programmed which models condensation as a volumetric reaction rate coupled with the latent energy source/sink.
Platen also eliminates surface condensation because the floor's surface temperature increases to the temperature of the room, the maker says.
Vapor retarders prevent or reduce concealed condensation, and sometimes change what would have been this type of moisture problem into visible surface condensation.
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