Surface loading

Sur´face load`ing

1.(Aëronautics) The weight supported per square unit of surface; the quotient obtained by dividing the gross weight, in pounds, of a fully loaded flying machine, by the total area, in square feet, of its supporting surface.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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* extreme nanofiber to promote surface loading and release of ultrafine particles.
Depending on the process, application and handling, the durability is up to five times as high compared to other materials thanks to the high surface loading capacity," says Jung.
Figure 9 shows the heat of adsorption [] as a function of surface loading (n/[n.sub.0]).
Furthermore, unmodelled surface loading deformations in geodetic position time-series either increase the noise or bias derived secular velocities depending on the time-series length, especially on the vertical component (Santamaria-Gomez and Memin, 2015).
For example, Huang and Yu [11] studied an elastic half plane under surface loading with consideration of surface energy effects.
They begin by analyzing soil structure, including its weight, volume and compaction, followed by the classification of cohesive soils, permeability and seepage, pressure at depth due to surface loading, effective pressure' shear strength, consolidation and settlement, lateral earth pressure, bearing capacity, stability of slopes and Eurocode rating.
- Industry's Best Surface Loading Technology - enhances dust cake release, leading to longer filter life
Analysis of the effect of fill weight and surface loading is therefore a problem of interaction between the pipe and the soil.
As a result of this move, a study was initiated by use of finite element modeling to examine both the surface loading from the glass capillary (used in the calibration procedure described in E1106 [1]) and the subsequent wave generated by the fracture of the glass capillary.
The building benefits from an eaves height of eight metres, two dock leveller doors, six surface loading doors and excellent car parking for one hundred and thirty vehicles.

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