surface-to-air missile

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sur·face-to-air missile

n. Abbr. SAM
A guided missile launched from land or sea against an airborne target.
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Noun1.surface-to-air missile - a guided missile fired from land or shipboard against an airborne target
guided missile - a rocket-propelled missile whose path can be controlled during flight either by radio signals or by internal homing devices
MANPAD - a man-portable surface-to-air missile
Stinger - a portable low altitude surface-to-air missile system using infrared guidance and an impact fuse; fired from the shoulder
surface-to-air missile system - the shipboard system that fires missiles at aircraft

surface-to-air missile

[ˌsɜːfɪstuˌɛəˈmɪsaɪl] nmissile m terra aria inv
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The surface-to-air-missile (SAM) market is expected to generate $22.6 billion in revenues over the next 10 years with the production of more than 88,000 SAMs, according to Forecast International's (Newton, CT) "The Market for Surface-to-Air Missiles." According to the Forcast International analysts, the quick defeat of the Iraqi air-defense network is not expected to hinder sales of SAMs over the next 10 years.
The S-300 missile system is a surface-to-air-missile equipped with the ability to detect, track and destroy cruise missiles and low-flying aircraft launched by potential enemies.
Two complete systems will be procured, but both of them can be divided in half and, thus, operate at headquarters of all four presently existing surface-to-air-missile (SAM) wings (Flugabwehrraketengeschwader) of the Luftwaffe.

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