Surgeon fish

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The diversity of marine life is a treat for the senses, from snappers to jack fish and from surgeon fish to ribbon sweet lips.
Souvenir sellers rowed out to the ship in canoes, and saw turtles sea grass, vivid shoals surgeon fish when we returned from our excursion we met scores of children arriving after school to see the ship.
Meanwhile, boats operating out of Jamestown's small harbour bring divers to explore the reefs among the colourful surgeon fish, rockfish and moray eels.
Lapu-lapu (grouper), alumahan (mackerel), ma-ya-maya (red snapper), la-bahita (surgeon fish) and other fish are now found there, he said.
Some of the marine species that have made the new coral their home include an octopus, angel fish, yellow-spotted boxfish, different species of prawn and shrimps, Painted Sweetlips, orange-spotted grouper and surgeon fish.