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 (so͝or′ə-bä′chē), Mount
A volcanic hill on Iwo Jima in the western Pacific Ocean. It is famous for the dramatic photograph of US Marines raising the American flag on its summit on February 23, 1945, after the island was captured from the Japanese.


(Placename) Mount Suribachi a volcanic hill in the Volcano Islands, on Iwo Jima: site of a US victory (1945) over the Japanese in World War II


(ˌsʊər əˈbɑ tʃi)

an extinct volcano on Iwo Jima island: World War II battle 1945.
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US soldiers raised the American flag on Mount Suribachi on the Japanese island of Iwo Jima in the Pacific as the Second World War was drawing to a close.
1945 - US Marines raise the US flag on top of Mount Suribachi, during the Battle of Iwo Jima.
One of the most famous sculptures with a flag taking centre stage is the Marine Corps War Memorial located at Arlington which was based on a photograph taken at the very moment in February 1945 when American soldiers planted the stars and stripes atop Mount Suribachi after overcoming relentless Japanese resistance during the merciless Battle of Iwo Jima.
Thomas, who was posthumously presented the Navy Cross for his extraordinary heroism during action in World War II, was part of the original American flag raising atop Iwo Jimas Mount Suribachi in 1945.
A moment later, Jerry pulled her out of the takeoff line and over the ocean, the distinctive granite features of Mount Suribachi now down to his right.
His previous duty stations include Defense Logistics Agency, Fort Belvoir, Virginia; USS Nassau (LHA4); Fleet and Industrial Supply Center, Norfolk, Virginia; Naval Supply Systems Command, Washington, District of Columbia; Commander, Naval Surface Fleet Atlantic, Norfolk, Virginia; USS Gettysburg (CG 64); Defense Supply Center Richmond, Richmond, Virginia; USS George Washington (CVN 73); Naval Air Station Brunswick, Brunswick, Maine; and USS Suribachi (AE 21).
I remember being a kid and watching him fighting and trying to reach the top of Mount Suribachi, but before they reach the top, he's killed.
2 The picture depicts the moment US marines raised the American flag on top of Mount Suribachi during the Battle of Iwo Jima in 1945.
Created by hand in Japan, the Suribachi lets you create your own concoctions--grinding herbs, roots, or seeds to that just-right consistency.
servicemen raising the American flag atop Iwo Jima's Mount Suribachi during World War II is one of the most widely circulated images of the twentieth century.
Bradley had participated in an earlier flag-raising on Mount Suribachi, and his role took on a central role after his son, James Bradley, wrote a best-selling book about the flag raisers, "Flags of Our Fathers," later made into a movie directed by Clint Eastwood.
flag some of his fellow Marines placed atop the island's highest point, 554-foot Mount Suribachi, four days later.