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Noun1.Suricata - meerkatsSuricata - meerkats        
mammal genus - a genus of mammals
meerkat, mierkat - a mongoose-like viverrine of South Africa having a face like a lemur and only four toes
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A realistic experimental comparison of the Suricata and Snort intrusion-detection systems, in: Workshops of the 26th International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications (WAINA), IEEE, pp: 122-127.
The reason behind such selection is that snort and suricata are signature based intrusion detectors while PHAD and NETAD are anomaly detectors.
Allied Telesis have partnered the Suricata Intrusion Detection System (IDS) engine with Emerging Threats' ETPro Ruleset to provide outstanding threat detection and protection abilities.
g, Suricata suricata: Kutsukake & Clutton-Brock 2008).
The company's ETOpen Ruleset, ETPro Ruleset, and IQRisk Suite of threat intelligence are platform agnostic for easy integration with Suricata, SNORT, and other network intrusion protection and detection systems.
In partnership with the Open Information Security Foundation (OISF), Lockheed Martin engineers integrated the latest cyber threat communications standards into OISF s Suricata Engine, an open source intrusion detection and intrusion prevention system (IDS/IPS).
RSA Conference - Nallatech, a leading supplier of high-performance FPGA solutions, today announced it will demonstrate hardware acceleration of the open-source Suricata network Intrusion Detection System (IDS) engine running on Nallatech's 385 accelerator platform.
Familiar taxa + * Bacteria, antibiotic resistance traits for use * Cactus, spine in each item * Cheetah, speed * Elm, winged seed * Fish, fins * Fly, wing * Grape, tendrils * Lily, petals * Locust, DDT resistance * Mouse, claws * Oak, nut * Opossum, tail * Penguin, flightless * Rose, thorns * Salamander, eyesight * Snail, foot * Snail, poison * Snail, teeth Unfamiliar * Dodder, haustoria and unknown * Labiatae, Pulegone taxa + traits * Prosimian, tarsi for use in each * Shrew, incisors item * Suricata, pollex
Emerging Threats Pro produces a professional grade IDS and IPS ruleset for Snort and Suricata based on and supporting the Emerging Threats open source project.
This is the first commercial implementation of the open-source, OISF- and DHS-sponsored Suricata IDS/IPS project.
Napatech have announced that it has joined the Open Information Security Foundation's Suricata initiative as a technology partner.