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 (sə-rē′mē, so͝o-)
Minced, processed fish used in the preparation of imitation seafood, especially imitation shellfish.

[Japanese : suru, to process, mash + mi, meat.]


(Cookery) a blended seafood product made from precooked fish, restructured into stick shapes
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Indian national Surumi Shihab had hit the headlines when she gave away her 20 inch-long hair during a donation drive at an Al Ain church.
Another member, Reshma Sainulabdeen, sought advice to donate her hair from Surumi and Premi Mathew, founder of the Hair for Hope Foundation, who had inspired Surumi.
Standing out among the donors was Surumi Surum, a Muslim participant from Abu Dhabi, who is the only person to completely shave her hair.
Surumi region, vicinity of Perreira village, Coradin & Cordeiro 912 (US).
Siguen a continuacion tres breves secciones de poemas dedicados a la "Natividad" en combinacion con las advocaciones marianas de la Virgen del Populo (549-56), de la de Surumi (557-59) y de la de Nieva (561-63).
Cultural troupes from neighbouring villages such as Surumi, Litsami and Yehemi participated in the festivities marking the age-old cordial relationship that exists among the villages.
The singers included Surumi Wayand, Ajayan, OU Basheer, Liji Fransis, MA Gafoor and Banzira.
The miracle (Milagro) after which the mountain was named is commemorated by the remote shrine of the Virgin of Surumi, located 8 km northeast of the Pacajake mine, where there is a huge dilapidated basilica built halfway down into a deep Andean valley accessible only by foot.
Surumi Shihab, 26, a homemaker, drove from Baniyas in Abu Dhabi to Al Ain with her husband Shihab and 5-year-old daughter Isra after seeing a Facebook post about the event.