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 (so͞o′zē-ä′nə, -ăn′ə)
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Noun1.Susiana - an ancient country in southwestern Asia to the east of the Tigris River (in what is modern Iran)Susiana - an ancient country in southwestern Asia to the east of the Tigris River (in what is modern Iran); was known for its warlike people
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In mail their horses clad, yet fleet and strong, Prauncing their riders bore, the flower and choice Of many provinces from bound to bound-- From Arachosia, from Candaor east, And Margiana, to the Hyrcanian cliffs Of Caucasus, and dark Iberian dales; From Atropatia, and the neighbouring plains Of Adiabene, Media, and the south Of Susiana, to Balsara's haven.
In less than 3000 years, this new way of life led to the second profound development: the formation of early state organisations, which crystallised in the late fourth and early third millennia BC in Egypt, southern Mesopotamia and Susiana, south-western Iran.
According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, Elymais was an ancient Parthian vassal state usually considered part of the larger district of Susiana.
Elizabeth Carter ("Landscapes of Death in Susiana during the Last Half of the 2nd Millennium B.
Chogha Mish II: The development of a prehistoric regional center in lowland Susiana, southwestern Iran; final report on the last six seasons of excavations, 1972-1978.
Moreover, widespread abandonment of settlements on Iran's Susiana plain created an uninhabited, 9-mile-wide "buffer zone" between two large Late Uruk communities known as Susa and Chogha Mish.
Chogha Mish (A) (B) Eridu -- (B) (D) Farukhabad (B) (D) Godin Tepe -- (C) Habuba Kabira -- (D) Hacinebi -- (B) Hamoukar Jebel Aruda -- (B) (D) KS-54, Susiana (C) Khafaje Nineveh (A) ((C)?
Survivors include two sons, Leland of Eugene and Landon of Creswell; two daughters, Laradon Stephens of Sherwood and Letitia Bryant of Cres well; a sister, Susiana Kyhl of Eugene; four brothers, Leon Nydam of Fountain Valley, Calif.
The Development of a Prehistoric Regional Center in Lowland Susiana, Southwestern Iran: Final Report of the Last Six Seasons of Excavations 1972-1978.
This second physical volume of the 53rd virtual volume contains epigrams 451 to 2267 arranged by region from Boiotia to Varia with passages through such places as Thessaly, Moesia, the north shore of the Black Sea, Crete, Gaul, Susiana, and Egypt.
Hughes - Susiana and Josh Hughes, of Eugene, a daughter.