Suspension of arms

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(Mil.) a short truce or cessation of operations agreed on by the commanders of contending armies, as for burying the dead, making proposal for surrender or for peace, etc.

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Separately, State Minister for Interior Talal Chaudhry out rightly rejected the recommendations of the senate Standing Committee of Interior by saying that the government had no plans at all to suspend the notification regarding suspension of arms licences of automatic weapons.
Meanwhile, the Sunday Mail was praised after two Westminster committees called for a suspension of arms sales to Saudi Arabia.
The Liberal Democrat foreign affairs spokesperson, Tom Brake, said the data added more weight to calls for the suspension of arms sales.
Amnesty said this flouted an EU-wide suspension of arms transfers to Egypt imposed after hundreds of protesters were killed in what it called a "show of grossly excessive force" in August 2013.
The suspension of arms export licenses to Saudi Arabia would be a major blow to bilateral relations.
I am today, on behalf of the Scottish Government, calling for an immediate suspension of arms sales to Israel.
Let's go back to the suspension of arms to the government of Bahrain last year.

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