suspensory ligament

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suspensory ligament

A ligament that supports an organ or body part, especially a fibrous membrane that holds the lens of the eye in place.
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suspen′sory lig′ament

any ligament that suspends an organ of the body, esp. the transparent ligament supporting the lens of the eye.
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In the theory, the pelvic floor muscle forces the vaginal membrane to stretch against the suspensory ligaments to stimulate the micturition stretch receptors.
"An MRI scan revealed a problem with his suspensory ligaments, high up in both hind legs, where the ligaments attached onto the hock, but without external swelling or heat.
The four-year-old suffered the second of just two career defeats at Saratoga on Saturday and it came to light afterwards that both of her hind suspensory ligaments had become enlarged.
LDSCs isolated from equine suspensory ligaments (SLs) demonstrated a heterogeneous morphology, with predominantly fibroblastic cells, but also with the presence of smaller rounded cells [16].
Second, fixed uterine ligaments, such as the broad uterine ligament or ovarian suspensory ligaments, may be weak.
A wandering spleen occurs because of laxity or absence of the suspensory ligaments of the spleen, leading to hypermobility.
Release of all anatomical layers of suspensory ligaments, followed by precise dissection of short urethral plate, is necessary for a complete straightening and lengthening of the clitoris.
The uterosacral ligaments and the suspensory ligaments of the ovary are often inspected but not described.
Absence of normal suspensory ligaments of the transverse colon.

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