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A colorless crystalline alkaloid, C7H8N4O2, derived from tea leaves or made synthetically, used as a bronchodilator primarily to treat asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

[New Latin thea, the tea plant (ultimately from Dutch thee); see tea + phyll(o)- + -ine.]
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(ˌθɪəˈfɪliːn; -ɪn; θɪˈɒfɪlɪn)
(Pharmacology) a white crystalline slightly water-soluble alkaloid that is an isomer of theobromine: it occurs in plants, such as tea, and is used to treat asthma. Formula: C7H8N4O2. See also xanthine2
[C19: from theo(bromine) + phyllo- + -ine2]
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(ˌθi əˈfɪl in, -ɪn)

a crystalline alkaloid, C7H8N4O2, an isomer of theobromine extracted from tea leaves or produced synthetically, used in medicine chiefly to relieve bronchial spasms.
[1890–95; theo-, comb. form representing New Latin thea tea + -phyll + -ine2]
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Noun1.theophylline - a colorless crystalline alkaloid derived from tea leaves or made synthetically; used in medicine as a bronchial dilator
bronchodilator - a drug that relaxes and dilates the bronchial passageways and improves the passages of air into the lungs
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n teofilina
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