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n. pl. Susu or Su·sus
1. A member of a West African people inhabiting parts of Guinea and Sierra Leone.
2. The Mande language of the Susu.


1. (Anthropology & Ethnology) a variant form of sou-sou
2. (Banking & Finance) a variant form of sou-sou


npl -su or -sus
1. (Peoples) a member of a Negroid people of W Africa, living chiefly in Guinea, the Sudan, and Sierra Leone
2. (Languages) the language of this people, belonging to the Mande branch of the Niger-Congo family
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s (NASDAQ: JMBA) current franchisee, SuSu Hospitality Group, LLC, has acquired 13 company-owned stores and signed a ten-unit development agreement, to nearly double Jamba's footprint in the Chicago market, the company said.
Therefore any attempt to infer broader regional patterns of land cover change based on findings (however valid) regarding the 'ecological practices' of the Susu is risky at best.
The Nalu's traditional religion however, was fading through the acculturation pressures of Islamic conversion and larger neighboring ethnic groups, particularly the Fula, Beafada, and Susu, which was having a dramatic effect on their language (with Susu having become the most common lingua franca in the village and the Nalu language only spoken among the eldest generation) and culture through intermarriage and assimilation.
Furthermore, Susu as a mode of saving also serves as a source of short-term advances and interest-free loans without collateral security thereby attracting most migrants in need of credit.
An iteration of communal lending, susu, is, however, known to have originated from Nigeria and spread to Ghana in the early part of the 20th century.
D in DigitalCity's manifesto, set out in 2004 was "to create a vibrant, susu te cr ca successful and self-sustaining supercluster based on the digital technologies, digital media and creative sectors and their enabling capabilities".
Dominican Father er e Tho homas Doyle, a civil lawyer whw o ha ha h s worked for survivors of sexual abuse by clerergy, said he had never heard of susu such ch an investigation on bef efore.
Sembeh Ma Fa Fe ("Strong Sound Coming" in the Susu language) is a "must-have" for collections showcasing African and international music
Panelists included Adam Cohen, deputy director of operations for the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory; Bryan Morreale, research group leader at the Department of Energy's National Energy Technology Laboratory; and SuSu Wang, Distinguished University Professor in the University of Houston's mechanical engineering department.
bovis susu olup mesane tumoru tedavisinde immunmodulator etkisi nedeniyle kullanil-maktachr.
Izole edilen 56 mantar susu, calisma kapsamina alinip incelendiginde, ait olduklari klinik orneklerin 53 (%94,6)'unun direkt mikroskopi ile pozitif, ucunun (%5,4) negatif yanit verdigi gorulmus, suslann 37 (%66,1)'sinin T.
We welcome the ward's day workers who will be with us during the shift, translating our English into French, and into the local languages Susu, Madingo and Fula.