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 (sŭth′ər-lənd), Dame Joan 1926-2010.
Australian operatic soprano noted especially for her interpretations of Gaetano Donizetti's Lucia di Lammermoor and Vincenzo Bellini's Norma.


(Placename) (until 1975) a county of N Scotland, now part of Highland


1. (Biography) Graham. 1903–80, English artist, noted for his work as an official war artist (1941–44), for his tapestry Christ in Majesty (1962) in Coventry Cathedral, and for his portraits
2. (Biography) Dame Joan, 1926–2010 known as La Stupenda. Australian operatic soprano


(ˈsʌð ər lənd)

1. Earl Wilbur, Jr., 1915–74, U.S. biochemistz: Nobel prize for physiology or medicine 1971.
2. Dame Joan, born 1926, Australian soprano.
3. Also called Suth′er•land•shire` (-ˌʃɪər, -ʃər) a county in N Scotland.
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Noun1.Sutherland - Australian operatic soprano (born in 1926)Sutherland - Australian operatic soprano (born in 1926)
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His parents had emigrated to Canada in 1830 from Dornoch in Sutherlandshire, Scotland, an area reeling from the harsh Highland Clearances.
Greene (1977: 374) commented, 'The reference has not fully been explained, bur it may refer to the "strength" or healing virtue of Loch na Naire in Strathnaver, Sutherlandshire'.
His father, also named James (born Farr, Sutherlandshire, circa 1797), was a seasoned veteran of the HBC, having served as a boatman and guide since 1816.