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(Placename) a borough of S Greater London. Pop: 178 500 (2003 est). Area: 43 sq km (17 sq miles)


(ˈsʌt n)

a borough of Greater London, England. 165,800.
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Sutton didn't die without making her will, though," said Mr.
Sutton has left her money to, for he's troubled with the asthmy, and goes to bed every night at eight o'clock.
This Blessington or Sutton, who was the worst of the gang, turned informer.
"Do you remember what was called the Sutton Mystery, because two suspected men--ice-cream men, I think--happened to live at Sutton?
Sutton Bailey was announced, he turned to her, and Mr.
When the snow lay deepest no wanderer ventured near my house for a week or fortnight at a time, but there I lived as snug as a meadow mouse, or as cattle and poultry which are said to have survived for a long time buried in drifts, even without food; or like that early settler's family in the town of Sutton, in this State, whose cottage was completely covered by the great snow of 1717 when he was absent, and an Indian found it only by the hole which the chimney's breath made in the drift, and so relieved the family.
High Pardons Wood, Lower Pardons, Suttons, Dutton's Shaw, Reuben's Ghyll, Maxey's Ghyll, and both the Oak Hangers?
SUTTON Bonington were knocked out of the Beacon Hill League Cup after a narrow 3-2 defeat away to Bottesford.
The Birmingham school that has the most to gain from the proposals is The Deanery Church of England Primary School in Sutton Coldfield.
Brit Makes 'Significant' Investment in Toronto-Based MGU Sutton Special Risk
More information about the alleged assault Doug Reinhardt's estranged wife Natalie Sutton did to him has come to light.
Sutton, 85, of Litchfield, formerly of Saline County, passed away at 4:45 p.m.

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